Thursday, March 11, 2010


I read a good blog post today about homeschool over at Epi Kardia. The part after she talks about surgery and before the Survey part. I wholeheartedly agree with the author about not looking at someone's life (or homeschool) and thing they have the perfect life. They probably don't. My friends and acquaintances often mention how "together" I am. I really laugh because I am not all together, I tell them to stop by my house unannounced and see what it is really like around here, then see how not together I am. I lose patience daily, I wonder if my children have ears and brains multiple times a day, there is always something messy, out of place and something that could be better organized. ALWAYS! One really does not have a good grasp of the life of another unless one spends vast quantities of time with said person.  I give a horrible first impression, I know that I do even though I don't like that I do. I am not easy with unfamiliar situations thus why I don't do first impressions well. Once I get to know someone that is a different story. I could spend every day with family and friends, the more the merrier but do not put me in a room of strangers, they might just remain strangers.  I am working on this.
I can say this though, this week of sick children (which are much better by the way, mainly still coughing only), we have not had our regular schedule, and I have gotten so much accomplished.
We have

  •  kept the boy's room in check and took care of a couple of small things in there

  • cleaned and organized the girl's bedroom (the closet still needs major work but that is for another day)

  • picked up and dusted and dust mopped the family room floor daily this week

  • swept and mopped the dining room, kitchen and family room and bathroom

  • laundry, the daily duty

  • kept the kitchen going

  • did a little shelf organization in the dining room

This would not have happened had we had a regular school schedule going on.
I did inform the blessings that they will resume regular schedules tomorrow morning, including school, yes, I know it is Friday (our day off), but Daddy has to work tomorrow so we are getting in some practice for next week!
IF I can ever get myself disciplined for year around school which I would love to do, then I honestly think we would do a three weeks on and one week off schedule, just so I could keep up with projects and cleaning.....I can dream, can't I?

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