Wednesday, March 24, 2010


This will be short because I am home alone with Benjamin and he is on the move. Benjmain is sick again, UGH, double UGH! Yesterday he was fine and then volcano nose erupted today. I am not happy to be missing Wednesday evening services at church. He has been fine for a week and then he was in nursery at church on Sunday and here we are again. Not happy, I repeat I am not happy about this.

BUT, I did have a very wonderful overnight trip to Anchorage with two friends! Did you get that? Overnight with friends!! It was a great trip. Our wonderful husbands sent us all to Anchorage to shop, they are great! Thanks to my husband for getting the whole idea going(and my friend's husband for talking my husband into the overnight part), he is great! We flew out Friday morning at 9 am, with last minute free upgrades to first class!  By 10 am we were leaving the airport and on our way to the mall. We shopped and ate at restaurants that we do not have in Fairbanks and shopped at stores that we do not have in Fairbanks, I did go into Fred's to go to the bank (I had to get $$$$!) We shopped until the last store was closed and then we headed to the hotel for talking until late and finally a little sleep. Up again to shop until time to go to the airport. I can honestly say it was one of the most relaxing trips I have ever taken in my life even though it was short. We had little to no time restraints which this mom cannot seem to ever get away from. 
School this week has been good with today being the best day. I had some good science notebook pages created today, I left them with very open ended instructions and it was interesting to see what each one did with the same information.
I have been having a tough time lately seeing the  enjoyable side to my blessings, mainly the older ones, I have been taking time to step back and enjoy them and see how unique they each are and how much they do desire to do what is right and good and to see their struggles when they don't. Guess what? I haven't had any bad days at all in a few weeks, funny how that happens. I lowered my expectations and things are much better.


  1. Missed you at church tonight! Did Levi tell you I said hi? :o) Sorry Benjamin is sick. Waaaah! Your trip to Anchorage sounds like so much fun. Talk to you soon.

  2. Hooray for you! Sorry about your baby. I think nurseries are a pool of germs. Your baby is only going to be as healthy as the sickest baby there, unfortunately. Good to hear about your older ones as well. Usually how mom goes is how the rest of our family goes and by that I mean, if my attitude is out of whack then the rest of the kids are off and we feed on one another's negative energy.


  3. ThreeLittleLadiesMarch 26, 2010 at 2:11 PM

    I'm glad you had a great time out with your friends. You were only a couple of hours from me while you were in Anchorage. What a blessing from your hubbies. I enjoyed reading your page of posts and catching up with you. Is your Benjamin still sleeping through the night? I hope so! I'm glad you've gotten a new start on things with your older kids.