Friday, January 3, 2014


Last night, last minute we called friends from church who live near us for a spur of the moment New Year's Eve bonfire and fireworks in the back yard at late thirty.
They came we oohed and awwed over the home fireworks show and then we came in and warmed up and talked a while. I really do enjoy these times of people in our home and after an evening like this I wonder why we do not do this more often. But that's not what this post is about.

As they were leaving their son, who is maybe 9?, told his parents that we were filthy rich because we had all this cool stuff. I loved getting that voxer message last night because it made me laugh and made me see the perspective of a child.

You see our home isn't large and fancy but it is cozy and welcoming. Our yard does contain many items but my husband is a man of many talents and outdoor hobbies. Therefore we have accumulated many items free or low cost for hunting, fishing, gardening, playing and survival. We are by no means filthy rich but we are thankful for a very full life. But more importantly we are thankful for the people in which we share our life and the reminder of a child's perspective.


  1. You are blessed...and you share those blessings!

  2. Your are very rich in the things that matter most!