Monday, January 6, 2014

Time Speeds By

See that precious, sleeping boy? He is now five. One thing my husband and I did differently with this one was not letting him cry it out when he was a baby. Guess who was the biggest force in our change? The oldest three Blessings, they did not want him to cry himself to sleep. They found that horrible so I listened to my children and their pleas to not let the baby lay in the crib and cry. 

We rocked until he started fighting that and then we took turns laying down and reading to him and then staying until he falls asleep. I have never regretted this. We had some rough times when naps were phasing out but over all I am not going to complain. Even though I do remember a couple of times being tired of staying there but now I would not give this up at all. 

Now I give him a time limit as to how long I am staying and promise to check back in when I am finished with a job I need to do but he is usually asleep before I get back to him. 
The time is short and I will enjoy every night when it is my turn to read and put our buddy to bed just as much as I enjoy when it is Daddy's turn to do the same. 

Parenting definitely goes through seasons and I am thankful to be able to parent this little guy as an older, more relaxed parent. Such blessings in the everyday. 


  1. We loved rocking and snuggling our babies. I tried the cry it out method and it didn't work for our family. We loved this special time together and we all still snuggle up.

    My baby is turning 5 soon and it's so hard to believe.

  2. Same here. I let my first baby cry, because I was told he'd never learn to sleep on his own. I deeply regret this. My second baby was colicky, so no matter what I did, she screamed, sigh. Finally, my last born came along and I was determined to have no regrets, as I knew he was my last. He was/is my easygoing joy!

  3. too...the cute little monster!