Sunday, January 12, 2014

Following a Man

OI am a follower of God, not man.

I am a member of a Church but I follow God. I have a wonderful Pastor but I am a follower of God. My Pastor is an Over Shepherd to our flock but he follows God.

As a follower of God I must be careful who or what I listen to, purchase from and follow.

I began writing this post a couple of weeks ago after reading about the shut down of a business and the confession of the married business owner/pastor??? of his long term relationship with young woman.

I am thankful for the womanly instincts that God has given me. Since I was young I have been able to see and pick out men who are not what they publicly profess to be. Not as in able to walk into a room and immediately parse out the men into two categories but in knowing something was not right. Jimmy Swaggert, yep. Jim Bakker, yep. Men I knew personally, yep. Honestly, I have always had my guard up where men are concerned until the man made just for me walked into my life. That's a whole other post.

Back to the subject of following God and not man. I almost forgot about this post in my draft folder until my Pastor was preaching tonight. He is going through a series about the history of our church both the actual inception and historical history but also the affiliations and changes and such. Tonight he shared things I was hearing about for the first time in all our years at our current church. About movements that were man driven and preaching about man's preferences and not expository Biblical preaching.

You see when we follow a man (or woman) we can be led astray because they are flesh and flesh is sin cursed. I am sharing my personal thoughts to possibly help someone else along the way. The interwebs are full of advice, Bible studies, teachers, preachers, cooks, homeschool moms, childcare opinions, home decorating, etc. Be careful who and what you listen to and follow. I add non-biblical items to the list because often we get caught up in the latest fad online and get our focus completely off of God. Just beware.

I used to be a chronic book buyer, especially children's books and Bible study books. I have mended my ways and have really chosen to go for quality in my book purchases. I will wait to purchase a book until I am confident that the book is a must have and tested true.

Also remember that online people project the image, product they want you to see and often are out there to make money. I am not saying stop supporting these people just choose wisely. I am  not saying they are wrong or unjust I am just speaking the reality of life online.
Avoid bandwagons, they are usually bumpy rides.

Traps, avoid them.


  1. So true. We need to keep our eyes on the Lord not on man.

  2. Wise words. There is SO MUCH out there--we don't have time for it all, so what we choose should be so carefully chosen!