Monday, January 6, 2014

A Monday

Monday, I scheduled dentist appointments on a Monday, why?

Elisabeth is working on math here. She isn't miserable, she is concentrating. I promise. 

Benjamin painting, he has gotten person drawing down. He is getting those body parts added pretty well.

Afternoon at the dentist office for Blessing cleanings.
Judith working on Trailguide to Learning Paths of Progress

Benjamin plays 

Elisabeth reading a dental brochure.

I may have fed my family salmon dip and nachos for dinner tonight before heading out the door to take Judith to swimming practice.

Note to self: do not schedule dentist apapointments on Mondays. 


  1. Hey...we've done school in the dentists office too!

  2. Monday are always hard for appointments, and that tends to be when my appointments are too. :)