Monday, January 13, 2014

You know you live in Alaska and homeschool when...

...your son does an exercise circut in your family room, during school, in his shorts when it is -20to -30.

...after he wrote his name and drew a picture.

...your week is busy and the only menu you can eek out is a quite scrawl on the back of last week's menu.
...this one has nothing to do with Alaska but my jeans are a little long so they are rolled up while I am working at home. The length isn't too horrible with shoes on but maybe these need hemmed. 

...when you woke up and the temperature was -44 and you are glad when you see the temperature warmed up to -22 so homeschool ice skating isn't cancelled. 

Off to the rink for us. Good afternoon!


  1. For real. I almost had a cow this morning!

  2. That is so cold. You must keep your house pretty warm for him to be running around in shorts. :)

  3. You house seems so cozy despite the bitter cold. Your construction methods must be better than down here. And what about your furnaces? Are they better quality? At -15 we struggled to keep the house in the mid 60's. Tell us more about how you keep your home comfortable!