Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Monday and Tuesday

Daddy was home on Monday. Here he and Benjamin color Benjamin's Frontline page. The girls and I went for lunch at a friend's home so this was the only picture of the day.

Tuesday was back to school after a long weekend.
Benjamin worked on handwriting.

The temperature was crazy mild so we went sledding after lunch.
I was walking over to where the kids were sledding when Judith drove up. She came home to get a sweatshirt as her coat was too much and she was hot. Yep, it was rather warm. 

Arriving at the top. 

The big kids had Benjamin on a snow board. 

Benjamin and I were sledding buddies, we would sles in tandem.
The kids launching Mom. 


After we returned home and hot cocoa was being consumed I spotted a moose, which ended up being two. A cow and a calf were eating their way around the perimeter of our yard.

I am thankful for a warm January day to sled and play out of doors.


  1. Looks like you were all having fun. :)

  2. Always love seeing Daddy's help littles with school :)

    Enjoy your weekend!