Saturday, January 18, 2014


Thursday was the busy day away from home. We left home around 9:30am and returned home around 4:30pm.

We began our day with piano lessons.

Next, we had to meet the production guys at the library for one last filming of Levi. 

While sitting at this traffic light I realized how this angle of the overpass reminds me of big city driving. Thankfully, this is not big city driving. 

After Levi finished we were all starving so we went to Sam's Club for a cheap lunch. 

After lunch and some shopping we were off to the last scheduled event, Leadership meeting for the bigs. The temps were mild so Benjamin and I just hung out in the parking lot and I knitted and he played games and took pics with my phone. 
Here is one of the pics with some effect, he likes using the effects. Sam's cups, knitting supplies and pattern. 

After a dinner of leftover soup, grilled cheese and fruit salad Daddy, Levi and Elisabeth worked on building mink boxes for the trapline. Yea, I cannot explain what they are doing.  They built the boxes outside then brought them in to do the finish work because, well, it's dark outside. 

I do know that the boxes are designed with these notches to hold a connibear trap, maybe a 110? 

And Benjamin helped 

I spent the evening on school prep and planning.


  1. Look at those "boys" working!

  2. Sounds like a very productive day.