Thursday, March 14, 2013

What a Thursday

Today started calmly and simply enough. After lunch I felt so tired and drained. I eventually went to my bed to rest and after I helped Elisabeth with math I fell asleep.
When I woke up I went to the kitchen to make cornbread for dinner. I walked to the pantry to get an ingredient and noticed water coming out of the bathroom. I made an all call for towels to be gathered while I turned the water to the toilet off. The Blessings helped get the water dried up and the floor cleaned. 
My husband was able to adjust something and things are working well again. The evening has been spent with my husband  washing every towel we own in this house.

I finally put Benjamin's pictures in his scrapbook. He is four now and he was noticing that he doesn't have a photo album so now he does.  I only put pictures from his first two weeks of life but he has an album, nothing fancy but they are in there.

The Blessings are watching Caddie Woodlawn and I am sitting here with them. The movie is mediocre but the crew enjoy watching this every so often.


  1. I do the electronic scrapbooks so that I don't take forever and make a big mess with the regular ones.

  2. Glad that water problem wasn't a bad one. I hope you are feeling better.