Thursday, March 7, 2013


Today I exude all the qualities of a slacker homeschool mom. Well, I had a shower so maybe not. I am in my comfy pants, bleach stained shirt and sitting on the couch. I did empty the sink and dishwasher of clean dishes and the dirty dishes are in the dishwasher. Today is a regular school day and I am the live body supervising it all. Hey, it is a good thing I am writing this post as I am not as big of a slacker as I think I am.
Last night after O got home from church he sat down for about fifteen minutes before going to bed and the home phone rings and he gets called into to work. He arrives back home around 12:20am, I am still awake as I struggle going to sleep when I know he will be home soon. Big mistake, after we get settled into bed I hear the cries of a four year old, his nose hurts and he has a fever. I was awake until 3:00am. Benjamin also woke up with his right eye somewhere between gooey and crusty, yep, #2 with pink eye.
Needless to say I am tired today, Benjamin seems as energetic as usual but he did go to sleep around 8:30pm so he got a few more hours of sleep than I did.
Thanks for listening I am not as big of a slacker as I feel but I am taking a nap today.


  1. Oh so sorry. I do hope you all get a good nights rest tonight and that everyone feels better.

  2. Naps are good things!

  3. Bless your heart! It's just hard to function on low sleep. Abigail has been teething, and up the last two nights. As my mom says, I have tipped my head back in the recliner in the afternoons. I hope you get caught up!

    My Elizabeth just finished The Cabin Faced West too. And I just love Marguerite Henry. I just finished her book about Lipizzaners, and checked out another today. I'm not a super horsey person, but I do love her writing.

  4. Oh, you poor dear. No, I'd say you are doing pretty good, considering. Have a restful & healthy weekend!