Thursday, March 21, 2013

Helpers and chores

Benjamin was being naughty and into stuff and even whining, one of the three all day long.  I realized I am missing an opportunity with him. He needed order to his days, he needed more Mommy time. You may ask, but you are home with him all the time, what do you mean by more Mommy time? I was focused on my agenda and schedule. I expected him to play quietly while the older Blessings worked and just be. Well, four year olds can only be for so long. They crave attention and activity and order and sequence.
Take today, I got my shower before breakfast, somedays the shower comes after. Benjamin was thrilled when it clicked that his school could start right away because I had already taken my shower.
He has also become my laundry sorter helper and kitchen helper and dishwasher helper. I have noticed that the requests to watch something have decreased a tiny bit.
And that is why our dishes are stored down low. They have been since Judith was about four and I guess they will be until Benjamin can reach the upper cabinets. But, I will probably have a revolt if I change the location of the plates and bowls, they may just stay there forever.


  1. I have been having the same sort of realization about Philip.

  2. Our boys are growing up.

  3. Looks like he has fun helping. :)