Wednesday, March 6, 2013

My Husband

I could write an entire blog of nothing but my husband’s funny sayings, poems, songs, etc. He continues to entertain us with his hilariousness.

His latest funny was the word parficitional, yes, parfictional. Judith was sharing a book character with us at the diner table and he asked her if this was a real story or fictional. She told him both because she had read or seen the author give the story of the creation of this character. That’s when the term parfictional entered into the vocabulary of our home.  Parfictional means part fiction.

He doesn’t stop there, he keeps going, yes, he does. He asked her if there was a parfictional section in the library and over the course of the week the term keeps coming up.

Oh, I love that man of mine, the funny one of the parent unit.


  1. That's a descriptive term! We have one wise guy here too. God is good to send us humorous people.

  2. :) He does sound funny so does that word. lol

  3. Fun..and you are funny too!

  4. Maybe he can sell the new word to Websters. Families that laugh together, laugh best.

  5. Funny and cute. Love those family moments