Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Oh how I've changed

Should things change?  Yes. Should things stay the same? Yes. Confused yet? Years ago one of my favorite preachers came here and he asked those two questions. I have never forgotten them.

Boy have I changed and this change is a good change. I used Before Five in a Row with my older Blessings but they have no documentation because pretty much we read the books and did a few activities but I was still trying to figure things out and there was this little problem of perfectionism.  As you can see by the pictures below, I have pretty much let go of my past perfectionistic ways.
When I first learned about lapbooking I printed lots on cardstock but I have since learned that printing everything on cardstock is not necessary. Every so often something gets printed on cardstock but not nearly what used to get printed.
At this point it is important to do the work and get it in the notebook. I am no longer caught up with how it looks or needing x,y and z to create what is in my brain.  I missed so much with my other Blessings because of my perfectionism and I have learned from it and plan to not miss this time.
Benjamin and I are working through our books, learning counting
and numbers, sizes, story sequencing, letters, rhyming, cutting and pasting, colors, animals, etc. and so forth. And we are creating a notebook. I love sources such as the free fold and learns from Five in a Row, homeschool share, homeschool creations to add to our learning journey. Benjamin likes the pencil and paper, cutting and pasting work so I am just going with it for now. 

Our notebook isn't beautiful but it represents Benjamin's learning.


  1. You are doing more than me!

  2. It looks great. It can be so hard to get past the perfectionism. Glad you are doing better with yours. :)