Monday, March 25, 2013

The Snowy Day

I decided we had better "row" The Snowy Day before the snow melts. Silly me, we have plenty of time. It snowed last night, as in inches of snow.  Perfect timing for a snow book. I am keeping this week simple as we have a planetarium field trip tomorrow and lunch with friends on Thursday.  Yay for everyone being healthy!!
Benjamin asked for cookies and hot cocoa to be consumed after he came inside, like Max and Ruby. Because we do lots of things like Max and Ruby. Fun fact, when Judith was little I did not like Max and Ruby but now I do. I love the music,  furnishings and decor of the house.
And because a post is better with pictures, especially pictures of four year old cuteness consuming hot cocoa and cookies.


  1. Max is such a naughty little bunny....should he get cocoa?

    1. I used to think Max was naughty and that is why I didn't like Max and Ruby, but I watched a little closer and he isn't naughty at all. He is very smart and always makes whatever Ruby is trying to accomplish happen.

  2. And a sweet four year old at that! Yes, take advantage of all that snow while it lasts. lol. I am officially over winter. Unfortunately, it is not over itself!