Wednesday, March 13, 2013


When I wake up the first thing I do is check my phone for email or text or voxer messages. You see,  I am not a wake up and go person, I am slow to wake up. I need time to wake up before getting up. I mean I can roll out of bed with an alarm and hit the ground running but that just isn't my preference.
Back to messages
My husband had sent a text telling me that the boiler was shut down, something was broken and to keep the fire going and he would br home as soon as the boiler parts place opened. So, I got up and checked on the fire and my little Buddy woke up and we started breakfast (pumpkin muffins) and got everyone else out of bed. We started our morning reading while the muffins baked and then I made scrambled eggs to go with the muffins. I finished up giving everyone their morning assignments and they got busy while Benjamin and I began his school work.

I did not get a shower first thing as I wasn't sure there was enough hot water, bad choice because I ended up taking a lukewarmish, coldish shower after my husband got home and while the Blessings were eating lunch, when i realized the water was warm enough for a quick shower. I enjoy my morning shower and just do not feel as though my day has started until I get that shower. After my quick shower I make a smoothie for lunch, minus a banana. I need to pick up some bananas.

The Blessings finish up their school work quickly after lunch and they start heading outside and I get the idea to try cross country skis on Benjamin since my husband was home and he could get the skis down easier. During our ski getting down, a ski slid and hit me on the side of the face. I only have a small bruised bump. My reflexes are obviously pitiful because I watched it slide down and couldn't catch the thing or move out of the way.  Benjamin did great and skied all over the place. Elisabeth and Judith skied. Both wearing my ski boots, I have two pair so that came in handy as we had skis Judith could use. Gotta look for skis at garage sales this summer.

I finally get a few minutes to ski before coming in and figuring out the rest of the afternoon with the husband. Levi and Judith had new glasses to pick up and we needed a few groceries since we have been stuck at home for a week. I started with a head cold and cough today but thankfully I feel fine and am experimenting with essential oils that a friend sells and so far I like them.

So, we decided to get into town before the eye doctor's office closed as I have no other reasons to go to town for the rest of the week.

Glasses were picked up, pizza eaten at Sam's club and couple of items picked up there, stopped at Safeway to get bananas because the bananas at Sam's were green, Otis and Judith went to the sporting goods store to get her a new  helmet for snowmachining and four wheeling, I took a couple of kids to the used children's store next door to look for deals, and we then proceeded to church.

Yippee, we all went!! We only have a couple of sniffles here and there and I had missed so much church I just needed spend time with the church family.

I let the Blessings stay up to watch Duck Dynasty, well, not the little guy, he had to go to bed.

I checked my email and had a comment that Angela liked my scoop, I like my scoop and my pickle jar too!

The picture of just the skis is me skiing, I couldn't get a picture of myself skiing so I just took what I could see.

I can't believe I waited until the end of winter to get my skis out...should have done this sooner. Spending the afternoon outside was wonderful,  wind and all.


  1. Sorry about the bump The kids are better but now I have a sore

  2. I know how that goes about having enough warm water. Love the pictures! Our snow is gone. Hope you get lots time to ski soon.

  3. Well except for the bump, it sounds like a great time. Glad you all had fun outside.