Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Go, family, go

Today was go, go, go when my preferred day is stay, stay, stay. Tuesday is piano day, then Elisabeth had a chiropractor appointment, a quick stop at the library to pick up held items, home for lunch and to put dinner in the Crockpot before heading out for a field trip. The only pictures of the field trip are of Benjamin outside of the planetarium. Benjamin opted to stay on the outside of the big bubble and I was thankful.
After the field trip we had some time to burn before Dad got off of work so we went to the thrift store. The girls now have beautiful new outfits for Ressurection Sunday.  They needed church clothing as we have been getting by all winter long. They weren't clothes less but I haven't done much shopping for clothes. I will post pictures later, like Sunday probably. The rest of us are good for Sunday as the menfolk do not care and I am good. I am loving thrift shopping and looking forward to garage sales this summer. 
I also found these books for $.69 each and one was free. I think I am addicted to thrift shopping.


  1. Staying home is my default, too! I got to stay home 2 days in a row. I almost forgot how to drive today!

  2. Be very careful at the chiropractor. One actually caused my friend's strokes.

    You'll have to share your crock pot recipe!

  3. Sounds like a very busy time. :)