Sunday, March 24, 2013

Judith Rae

Our sweet Judith Rae trusted Christ as her personal Lord and Savior about five years ago. She has asked to get baptized a couple of times but we said wait. We had reasons, enough said.
This morning during the preaching she began crying and said she needed to get baptized and it was time. We spent some time with Pastor after the service and baptism tonight it was.
Bless her heart and the two others who were baptized as the water was COLD.  I affectionately call our church This Old Church, our building is old. Our baptistry has been out if commission for a while and the past few months have been spent on repairs and a new heating system. My husband and a couple other men have spent countless hours researching, preparing and repairing and the baptistry isn't leak proof yet. See the plastic and red tape? Yeah, they lined the thing for tonight's baptisms. One of our deacons spent the entire afternoon lining and filling the baptistry. I guess that is a good example of making due.


  1. My children and I were baptised in a horse trough at our church before the fancy new one was built. It takes 10 man hours to set up and so there are no more spontanious baptisms. Grr.

  2. What a sweet smile on her face. Love these pics!! :)

  3. So proud of her! Exciting times! :-)

  4. That is so great for her. I remember when our son said he needed to be baptized, what a sweet moment.