Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Once Again

Once again my children have to say goodbye to lifelong friends. If I had to say the thing that I dislike most about Alaska, this would be it. People move in and out frequently. My children have said goodbye more times than I want to count. 

But, the upside to this (did you think I would leave this a negative post??? No way!)is that our family has met so many people because we live in a very transient place. People pass through regularly and we get to meet a few of them. Some of them we get to spend thirteen years with and some just two or three years. 

These two are six months apart in age. They loved playing in the sand with the dinosaurs while we hung out today.

Five of these ten flew out of Alaska today to move out to the east coast, sigh. My crew will miss them. I will miss their Mama.

This one is my "George". No, that is not his name but that is what I have called him for too many years to count. I have know this boy since he was born. 

If you know my Benjamin in real life you know he does not give hugs to many people. He barely give people a high five or hand shake. He has an inner circle and few adults outside of our family are let in. If you are his age then he honestly has no personal space issues at all. Odd I know, but the facts. Anyway, my friend has been working on getting a hug for a very long time but has been refused. Benjamin and I talked and he said he would do a group hug with Mom and her two youngest. It happened today at the airport. (There is a litttle girl squished in the middle, see the pink hair bow?)

And then this happened. Talk about making the Mamas tear up. The adults were hugging and gathering the younger ones to head through security and we turned around to this. I love these kids, I love this. Levi is in there just on the other side and really has his head bowed low. This is the way to send your friends off. 

Goodbye friends, until we meet again...


  1. So sad, but what a sweet time of saying goodbye.