Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Monday, Snow Day, Fun Day

Monday brought about six to eight inches of snow. Yes, snow already. Good thing snow is beautiful. 
Monday brought snafus of humans interacting with one another in daily life. Oh that we make learn to love like Christ. 

My little guy who thrives on quality time and affrirming words waited all morning to take Emmy for a walk. We finally got that walk in just before lunch. Breaking trail in six to eight inches of fresh snow in boots meant for a sixteen year old big foot boy is good exercise. 

The only other tracks we saw belonged to squirrels and snowshoe hares.

Late afternoon brought the time to take Elisabeth to her technology class. The first drive of the snow season is always interesting 
as there are people that do not know how to drive on snow and ice, bless their heart's they just do not know how. 
Do not fear, we were stopped at a traffic light when this was taken. When I looked in the rear view mirror when I stopped he was so quiet that I thought he was asleep. 

When we returned home Benjamin got to check the mail from the van window. He was thrilled that he got to do this and said it was his first time ever. 

When Daddy came home he and Benjamin built a snowman. Did you know that we rarely get snowman making snow? Our snow is usually dry and powdery. This was a more wet snow so we have a snowman.

Benjamin fetching with Emmy. He loves to play with her. 

When I walked out of the boys' room last nightafter putting Benjamin to bed I saw this. This is how Levi prepares to go duck hunting. He piles his gear outside of his room as no not wake his little brother. He is nice that way. 


  1. I just moved to Alaska, so I was one of those bad drivers with this first snowfall, even though I came from Wisconsin! I'm just not used to all the hills and curves yet. Does it get better?

    1. Kristin, it does get better once it gets colder. The main roads are even much better today.

    2. You just learn....I wouldn't say "it" gets better per say....you just become more skilled, although once the air is in the -, it is so dry that you get better traction, making it better that way. We worry early and late winter. The dead of winter is no big deal...just learn to drive with no lines on the road as they are covered in ice :) .... Oh, and M is awesome at answering silly rookie questions. I think I asked a million that first winter! I even had her tell me how to properly clothe my children!

  2. Yes, snow is beautiful and we are praying for a good snowfall this year. I admit that I do still struggle with driving in the ice conditions -- I much rather stay at home and drink some coffee.