Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Ending the Week

Our week ended quite busily. I am beginning to believe busy is the new norm for us. Even though out busy is probably different from most people. 

Thursday and Friday were carrot canning days. I finally got all of the carrots processed.

Thursday afternoon Judith spent the afternoon with a dear lady from church learning to make soft caramels. 
Here she is with her set, cut and wrapped caramels. Yummy!

Friday the guys spent the day working for two of our widows at church and going to a high school football game to watch one of the guys from church play the game. We had some a couple of friends of the girls over along with a little brother. 

Saturday has already been blogged about in my previous Upland Game Bird post. 


  1. Yummy caramels!! And carrots, too, although, I like candy more. :)

  2. Those caramels look so yummy. What a fun project to try. Glad your canning went well too.

  3. Wonderful canning! I haven't done any this year. Yummy caramels, too!