Thursday, October 23, 2014

Partial Solar Eclipse and an Earthquake

                  I am not sure that what we will be able to see because it is very overcast today but the solar eclipse information is linked here.

Also, I felt an earthquake this morning and I rarely feel them, as in my friend and I were in our dining room and she felt an earthquake and I didn't, I only saw the door moving. Maybe I have built in shock absorption? Anyhow, I must get on with the day now that the shaking is complete.


  1. Earthquakes can be scary. I know they always "shake" me up. I have an earthquake alert on my computer and have noticed that Alaska has been rocking a lot.

  2. Why do I keep missing the earthquakes!?! I actually felt the one that really hit Anchorage a few weeks ago, but I just thought the washing machine was off balance... I would like to actually feel one and know that was what it was... But not a bad one, of course.