Wednesday, October 15, 2014

PSAT Test Day

The photo quality is horrible because I took this picture through the dirty windshield. 
Levi walked into the local high school today to
take the PSAT. I am hoping he has a couple of familiar faces in his testing room from baseball aquaintances. 
I did not realize there were this many high school students in our little hamlet here. I do not know what time they begin school but the kids just keep pouring in. I have seen two kids in shorts but that is par for the course here. 

I just heard the bell ring so I shall drive away and go home and begin the school day with my three at home. 


  1. I've seen the same kid in shorts waiting for the bus every time I drive by, all since the snow came a week and a half ago. Just so weird to see a kid of about 8 or 9 in shorts in the snow...

  2. I hope that all went well :) We are anxiously awaiting our snowfall....any type of water would be nice.