Thursday, October 30, 2014

This Week in Alaska

We have had missions revival all week along with normal everyday living.
Monday while Elisabeth was at her technology class and Levi was at the dentist I picked up my prescription sunglasses with bifocal lenses, yep, bifocal lines. 

My funny faced chauffeur. I am getting used to not driving everywhere. 

The sunrise one morning this week. I sit myself facing the window so I get the sunrise and daily sun on my face. 

I normally avoid the Made in China home decor but this sign has been calling my name since it was placed in my local Sam's Club. The price tag was $30 and I was not paying that but today it was $9.91 or some thing near
that price point. The sign came home and is hung on the wall, lest you think it is only for fall, the other side says Welcome. 
(Also, I'd you know that if a price at Sam's ends in a 1 that item is on clearance so grab it up because it isn't coming back.)


  1. I need bifocals, too! That sunrise is gorgeous. ....and I have to say, "thank you, thank you, thank you...." for posting about your new sign. I went on Sams Club website and it was on sale/clearance there too and I bought one :) I am so excited because I had been looking for something in my price range and this should work so nicely.

  2. Now you are gonna have me hunting the number 1 at Sams ;)