Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Two windy days

Sunday and Monday were both very windy days. I mean very windy days! The kids attempted to get the kites out Sunday afternoon but it was time to go back to church before they could launch a kite.
Monday the wind was still howling so they tried again with much success.

See my swing in this picture? The wind was so strong on Sunday that it knocked over my swing!

Levi flying a kite

Judith flies a kite


  1. I am glad your swing was not broken. I've seen that happen before with strong winds. Flying a kite is fun. Not something you can do everyday.

  2. I love flying kites! Do they ever get stuck in the trees?


  3. Kites are sooo fun...and frustrating at times. We have been having a lot of wind this year too, at least it blows the mosquitoes away. lol