Monday, July 12, 2010

Summer, why is it so short

Not that summer is anywhere near over or anything, but it is such a short season here in Alaska. The garden is growing like mad and so are those pesky weeds!

The lettuce is doing well and we need to eat more!

more lettuce

The zucchini plant are huge and I picked two zucchini today. I am so looking forward to eating zucchini!

I could leave them on the vine and they would grow much bigger but I am doing a taste/texture trial to see how we like them. We can grow HUGE zukes here in AK but I think the bigger they are the more full of seeds and almost mealy texture. So, I am trying a couple of mid-sized to see what I think.
zucchini 2

Now, I must go tackle the family room full of homeschool supplies and books EVERYWHERE!!! Must get things in order for school and see what else needs to be ordered!

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