Monday, July 12, 2010

Summer fun

I would love to go to the local swimming hole/beach everyday but that is not possible due to homekeeping and weather. You know the old saying "If it's not one thing it's another" ? Well, that might just be my life quote!

My wonderful husband bought Elisabeth a slip and slide for her birthday, so on really hot day last week, the kids beat the heat by slipping and sliding in our frigid Alaska well water!
Benjamin didn't slip and slide but he had a blast watching from the side lines and getting sprinkled now and again!
slip and slide audience
Elisabeth sliding
Levi sliding
Levi slipping and sliding

Judith sliding

And that was the end of the slip and slide, it was busted wide open after Judith slipped after sliding and fell on the thing.....
So, she bought a double slip and slide to replace the first one. I am sure there will be more slipping and sliding when our two day windstorm ceases to blow.


  1. Oh my, that looks like a ton of fun! How warm is it these days?

  2. Jenn, it was hot last week with temps in the mid 80's but it cooled back down today to the low 70's and cloudy. The wind has been horrible lately.

  3. Very fun. Anna always wants one of those things when she sees them advertised, but I'm afraid it would pop in an instant too - esp. since my kiddos are older.

  4. My kids love those too! We had one in SC.