Tuesday, July 6, 2010

90 day challenge---day 2

So, I mentioned that I began early since the 5th would be a day off for my husband. I am glad I did, we had sick people of one kind or the other all weekend and yesterday was a fairly down day for my husband and I.

I listened to part of my reading for today yesterday while I was cleaning the kitchen and then I read the rest today while I was waiting through piano lessons. So, I know that Tuesdays will work out well for reading since we will be at piano.

I will not give a daily report here on the ole' blog but I am pretty glad to have two days under my belt. It will take a lot of short reading sessions for me to get the daily readings done but I am looking forward to the challenge.


  1. Way to go!!! I'm sure you'll find out how it works best with your schedule. Sounds like you are doing a great job. I'm sorry you have had sickness at your house. I hope it's gone soon!


  2. I was just wondering how your reading is going. I pray it's going well.