Monday, July 19, 2010

He's twelve! Really? It doesn't seem as though we have had him for twelve years.

We had another birthday here in our home. Levi, our oldest, turned twelve years old. My how time flies.

our birthday banner


We carried out our birthday traditions, which he missed last year since we were traveling.
He asked for a football themed cake, which he personally designed.
birthday morning

He took it easy on me and chose an easy menu for the day. We invited some friends for a lunch of pizza and then cake and ice cream!
candle and cake time

Then the men and children went outside for a game of baseball.
a little birthday baseball

After our friends left Levi and I went out for some mother/son time and to pick up his last present...a new slimline Bible complete with his name on the cover.

He had a great day!
On our way into town we saw some awesome clouds, like I have never seen in my 39 years of living. Dark grey and fluffy, so neat. We drove through a horrible down pour, hail and watching lightning and hearing booming thunder. So neat and so unusual for our area. I loved it, Levi didn't!


  1. My oldest is 12 also and it doesn't seem possible and at the same time it seems as if he is suddenly older than 12. Tomorrow, my girl turns 11. My baby turns 9 in Oct. I am not ready! Looks like he had a great birthday. Love the cake!

  2. Happy Birthday! The years do seem to go so quickly at times, don't they? Sounds like y'all had a wonderful day celebrating your wonderful young man!