Saturday, January 2, 2010


It is over!! I have been working on decorating a wedding reception with friends and the wedding was today. I really enjoy doing these things but I am always glad when they are finished. Can you believe that my camera never once made it to the church??? Friends are supposed to email some pictures to me but I have not received them yet. It was truly beautiful. The theme was a winter wonderland so everything was white, silver and blue and it came together well.

Insomnia...I should be exhausted and sleeping but I am wide awake! I hope to be able to get some sleep after typing this up. I have to get up and get moving in the morning for church. UGH!

A word.... so I have read on a few blogs about having a word of the year, so I have chosen a word for 2010>>>>>JOY!


v. i. To rejoice; to be glad; to exult.

May the Lord find us faithful.v. t. To give joy to; to congratulate;

I willjoy in the God of my salvation. Hab.



to entertain kindly.


  1. That's awesome that you got to be so closely involved in an event like that and that you made it through. I wish you sweet dreams and relaxing homeschooling in the days ahead. :)


  2. The wedding was so beautiful! You did a stunning job. I think my word for the year would be glorify. It doesn't stand by itself very well. My thought/goal is to glorify God by His grace.

  3. I bet you are glad it is over. That is a huge deal! Wow. And your word is a fantastic one. Grace has to make a poster with the word JOY on it for AWANA. (J- Jesus O- others Y- you)