Monday, January 25, 2010

What a weekend!!

It was a not so busy but enjoyable weekend.

  • Friday: I got a long over due hair cut!!! I always enjoy visiting with my friend that cuts my hair.

  • Saturday: I spend the morning doing laundry, making bread, ironing clothes and getting ready to be able to attend a Dr. Jay Wile in the evening. I was very much looking forward to attending these workshops and meeting Dr. Wile. 

  • Sunday: Well, that was church. Preaching was great as usual all day! One of our Pastor's is preaching through 2 Peter on Sunday evenings and we are at the beginning in chapter 1. Good stuff, really good stuff!!

Now it is Monday, and the Blessings and I are all eating breakfast and getting ready to begin our day.
May the Lord find us faithful.

1 comment:

  1. Wish I had known that you were there at the Dr. Wile workshops! :-) Debbie