Thursday, January 28, 2010

Myths Busted

So, if you are not a homeschool family, what do you think we do all day? What do you think my house looks like at any given moment? Do you think that my home is perpetually clean? Do you think that we sit around and do our work at school desks all neatly arranged in rows? Well, let me give you the facts. Thankfully my husband balances me very well. He reminds me often that we live in our home and that the kids and I are here 24/7 most days. Think about it, when a house is full it is being used all the time. Our house doesn't sit empty for hours a day.

Here two blessings work on science notebooks, we are studying insects, this was Wednesday and we learned about insect mouths. Yuck!
January2010077.jpg image by kaysmarmey


January2010076.jpg image by kaysmarmey

While they worked, I tackled this basket of laundry. I am thankful for clothes to wear, people to wear them and the washing machine and dryer to wash and dry them.




January2010080.jpg image by kaysmarmey

This is why I don't sew very often.

January2010075.jpg image by kaysmarmey

May the Lord find us faithful.

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  1. I think letting go of my preconceived notions about my house being clean at all times has been the most helpful thing I have done to stay sane while homeschooling! My house will be tidy when they are all grown up and gone. And I don't really want to hurry that process, so I had to learn to deal with it.