Tuesday, December 29, 2009

A new year a new calendar

I love calendars, datebooks, notebooks, papers, etc. You get the picture. But, sometimes the date book gets placed under a pile of papers only to be found much later....ugh! So, I have decided to get simple with my calendars and datebooks. (Unless I win this really, really neat day planner on the homeschool lounge) 2009 was the first year that I didn't buy a Mom's Plan-It calendar, I used the church calendar that our church hands out every January during our yearly "strategy session" aka "business meeting"...guess what???  It worked and I knew when people's birthdays were! In December I picked up an Executive Appointment Calendar from my friendly insurance agent when I stopped in to pay our bill. This way I don't feel as obligated to use it but then again here it sits at my desk, ready for scheduling.

Speaking of a new year. As I look at the almost blank January I feel at peace, stressless and can let out a big sigh...ahhh! There are only three things on my calendar so far.

  1. Weekly piano lessons

  2. a dentist appointment for Blessing #3 to get sealants

  3. decorating for a wedding reception this Friday

I really think I am looking forward to January 2010, where is that treadmill, oh, right where it always has been, time to use it...and we are now gaining daylight, slowly but we are still gaining.

AND, I am really looking forward to getting back into school mode next week. I cleaned out the school closet yesterday and have one blessing bedroom closet to put back together tomorrow. Closets are my arch enemy!


May the Lord find us faithful.

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  1. Yippee for calendars! I tried an online one but since I can't take my PC with me, it did not work. I too love all things paper. Office Supply stores are my weakness. At least they are not fattening. Oh, the treadmill! I have been pretty faithful to my exercise program lately, which is totally not me, but I have seen benefits and I like being able to keep up with my family.