Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Trying to post regularly

We had a very, very rainy weekend and Monday. I actually enjoyed the rainy Monday since I had fifty blue million loads of laundry to do since I am switching out seasonal clothing and catching up on weekend laundry. The kids clothes are washed and the girl's closet has been gone through now I have to remove summer clothes from their dresser and get those things shuffled around. Blessing #1 is easy as it will be  a quick switch job when I get in there. Then I can get the rest of Baby Blessings clothes ready and finally move on to mine. It will be a busy weekend.

On the sunny side....today was just that, sunny!!!

Today was the first week of piano for the girls and Blessing #1 decided to join in on piano lessons while we were there so he starts up next week. I am looking forward to getting back into music lessons after a two year hiatus.

I think I am moving our school start date up one day to the 7th of September since my husband will be moose hunting that day and not home for Labor Day, how much I accomplish this week will tell whether or not I will move the date.




May the Lord find us faithful.

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