Tuesday, September 29, 2009


The decorations were hung by siblings at night


September2009115.jpg picture by kaysmarmey


Will anyone go to sleep, perhaps they might

A bicycle was set out early this morning

September2009121.jpg picture by kaysmarmey


With presents to open and breakfast on the griddle

September2009127.jpg picture by kaysmarmey


September2009141.jpg picture by kaysmarmey


Taking a morning ride with a big thumbs up, she has had her eye on this bike all summer.

September2009164.jpg picture by kaysmarmey

After this ride she and Blessing #2 and Daddy had a few errands to run. They picked up this toy for Baby Blessing, I think he likes it.September2009169.jpg picture by kaysmarmey


Upon arriving home the UPS man stopped by with a birthday present, he has great timing, Nana and Poppa sent her a chocolate brown wool long dress coat, beautiful!

September2009179.jpg picture by kaysmarmey

After the coat was opened, she put it on and we were out the door for piano. While the other blessings had their lessons she and Dad did some birthday shopping and we all headed to the locally owned toy store after piano.

After we got home and started dinner we headed back out to pick up her little friend for the birthday finale!

I no longer have to decorate the girls cakes, they do it themselves!

September2009201.jpg picture by kaysmarmey


We finally played Pin the tail on the donkey!

September2009204.jpg picture by kaysmarmey


I can't believe she is 8, the cake isn't going to win any decorating contest but she loved that cake and had a great time decorating it with her older sister and friend that came over to celebrate!

September2009212.jpg picture by kaysmarmey






May the Lord find us faithful.


  1. Looks like an awesome birthday "day!" And the cake is beautiful! Its so nice when they do things like that for themselves-their creativity seems to come alive doesn't it?



  2. Yes, an awesome birthday, indeed!


  3. The coat is beautiful--wish I was knitting for it. . . :o)