Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Do things ever go as planned? Have you ever thought why? I have, many times. Today was piano lessons day, that was all the day was supposed to hold ouside of lessons, until the phone rang while I was reading Proverbs 15 to my blessings this morning, I was dressed but no makeup and hair not "done", it was my wonderful husband on the phone so I answered (shocked? yes, I screen my calls during school, would you call your friend at the office just to chat while she was working? NO!) We had some dear friends who had a son (19 years old) die this weekend, we are devestated and cannot even wrap our little finite brains around the loss and grief that they are going through. My husband was calling me to get me to send a gift to them and that a missionary friend would be flying in from their village this morning to get things needed for the funeral and potlatch (a native Alaskan funeral tradition, you know like a pot luck, I personally think potlatch sounds better than potluck). The following is copied from Wikipedia:

 Athabascan Indians

The Athabascan Indians of Alaska's interior were hunters and inland fishermen. Most lived in small nomadic bands along the numerous rivers of the region. Endurance and physical strength were prized, and game was often run down on foot. Athabascans harvested salmon and hunted rabbits, caribou, and bear with the help of snares, clubs, spears, and bows and arrows. Periods of famine were common. Because they were seminomadic and hunted on foot, footwear was very important, and the Athabascans designed light and flexible snowshoes made of birch and rawhide. The Athabascans used birch bark from the interior forests to make canoes, containers, sleds, and cradles. Clothing was made of animal hides, decorated with porcupine quills colored with natural dyes.

Some Athabascan groups inhabited permanent winter villages and summer fishing camps. Most bands consisted of a few nuclear families and had limited internal organization. Leadership was acquired by warriors or hunters. Athabascans also gave potlatches to mark a death and celebrate a child's first successful hunt, as a prelude to marriage. Those who aspired to leadership were expected to host memorable potlatches, at which the would-be leader would give away all his possessions then prove his prowess by providing for himself and his family for an entire year without outside help.

Anyway, I had two choices, happily change my plans or stick my feet in and say no way, I don't have time. I chose to serve my husband even though it wasn't convinent for me, I was going to have to make a couple or so phone calls and I don't enjoy making phone calls and he knows that. Long story short, well, not too short...Everything I needed was were I needed it when I needed, customer service was above and beyond, the Lord truly blessed my meager little jobs. Why do I share this? Well, I have yet to pray about the schedule part of our little home school this fall. I haven't given this year to the Lord, I haven't yet asked for his provision. I will do that today because His ways are better than my ways and without Him I am not going to make any progress.

And on another note, can you believe that Baby Blessing is 9 months old today? I can't.

May the Lord find us faithful.

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  1. Thank you, Thank You, THANK YOU!! I will be praying over my schedule too.