Thursday, September 17, 2009

We made it to the beginning

It seemed as though this day would never arrive, public and private schools here have been in since mid-August (but we don't worry about what they do anyway!)


September2009064.jpg picture by kaysmarmey


Sorry about the red eyes, it was either red eyes or no pictures.

September2009067.jpg picture by kaysmarmey


September2009071.jpg picture by kaysmarmey



We continued to have beautiful days until yesterday, we had to get out and enjoy a clear, sunny and warm day.

September2009077.jpg picture by kaysmarmey

I can't believe this baby is crawling and so mobile, he is so precious.

September2009089.jpg picture by kaysmarmey


May the Lord find us faithful.

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  1. Your blog looks so nice and I love the collage at the top! Great idea taking a picture by the board with the date--I'll try to remember that for next year. . .