Friday, August 28, 2009

Speeding Past

I am amazed at how fast time goes Baby Blessing is 8 months old, almost 9 months old. We bought a 3 in 1 carseat today so the infant carrier carseat is going away, this just doesn't seem possible. I think before I know it he will be a student here at our little school house.

This is our last week of summer vacation, I have a few odds and ends to do but nothing that is urgent or must be done before school starts. We had a really good week this week, we have been dealing with some issues and I am beginning to see some pleasant changes but we have a ways to go yet.  I really need to get out the Charlotte Mason book that covers habit training and I really think I should order the book from one of the Charlotte Mason websites about laying down rails, we are greatly derailed right now......



May the Lord find us faithful.

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