Sunday, September 20, 2009

School happenings

I guess I could mention school here?! Why of course, we do that. We are using Winter Promise Quest for the Middle Ages 4/6 for the two oldest blessings this year. So far, so good. We read this week about the Pentacost, the early Church, the stoning of Stephen (I thoroughly loved reading Acts 7, hadn't read it in a while), and Paul's conversion and his three missionary journeys. We made time pieces out of baby food jars and salt, timed to one minute....they don't work well. Whoever writes these "activities for kids" books (not written by Winter Promise) must not try them with kids or maybe not even try them at all. But, we did it and it is done. We needed a smaller opening to each container, but we were just following directions. Personally,I should have just gotten the hourglass out of Pictionary Junior and timed that. The kids are getting better about getting things out for such activities and for putting things away and cleaning up, even salt! 

September2009099.jpg picture by kaysmarmey


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May the Lord find us faithful.

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  1. The kids all look as if they are enjoying their lessons! :-)