Monday, August 24, 2009

What we are planning for school this year

I have the curriculum all planned out and are almost ready to go. I think waiting the extra couple of weeks will actually help me out. The next two weeks will keep us busy with habit training (much needed around here) and routine establishing. The baby is actually on a good schedule for now so that is helping me with routine and schedules. For the first time ever we are going to have a morning wake time. I have generally had blessings that get up earlyish and it hasn't been a problem but this summer has changed all that. I am going to have to be scheduled as I set the pace for everyone else, I began last night by getting things ready for Monday morning. We will spend the next two weeks getting bedrooms and other such areas in order for quick work most days. On to the fun stuff:

We are using Winter Promise Quest for the Middle Ages 4/6 and Blessing #3 will continue on with Hideaways in History.

Math U See for math

Spelling Power for some and Phonetic Zoo Spelling for others

English for the Thoughtful Child and Language Mechanic and other Critical Thinking Products as needed.

Science -finishing up Flying Creatures and not sure which one we will chose next; various and sundry earth and physical science studies as well

Beyond Five in  a Row because I love it so much. (And I will get to do it all over again with another little fella in a few years!!!! I am already thinking about all the fun preschool stuff we will be able to do again)

I know I am leaving things out because there is a ton of stuff that I sorted through so I will have to add some later when we actually sit down and go through a school day.

I honestly am not thrilled with the customer service at Winter Promise and don't think I will use them again after this year. I am seriously looking into My Father's World especially since I can include all Blessings together. A real life friend ordered it here and from first glance it looks good and doable, so I may have to switch next year.


May the Lord find us faithful.

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  1. I hope you have a wonderful school year. We are doing well so far. I think next year, I will be more purposeful during the summer. I say that every year, but this year, I mean it! I would love to spend even just a week getting the house in order for the beginning of school. That's a super idea.