Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Smoking and I don't mean the Salmon

Smoke, smoke everywhere and no good air to breathe! The smoke has been here since we returned from the lower 48 but it hasn't been too bad until today. Today it rolled in thick and has gotten thicker as the evening as gone on. This news article tells a little about our smokey summer, it hasn't been this bad in about 5 years! I just returned home from church and I smell as though I have  either smoked a few packs of cigarettes while sitting in closed suitcase or spent a few days next to a campfire! Last weekend we went to Valdez to escape the smoke, we might be heading back this weekend for another escape.

I will try to get more vacation pictures posted. I have been busy cleaning and going through school materials in prep for school to start.



May the Lord find us faithful.


  1. I really pray that all that smoke leaves you all this week. Yuck!

  2. Oh the smoke is just awful isn't it! We have 2 forest fires burning near us and the smoke really started to roll into our area today to :( I'll keep you in my prayers that your air will clear quickly!



  3. We have smoke here but not that bad. We saw that kind of smoke in your area early in July. Yuck...eerie. I hope it clears up very soon.