Monday, August 10, 2009


The smoke has cleared....Yahoo!! Seeing blue skies yesterday morning was wonderful even though I had to stay home from church with a sick child. She is fine, just a little headache and low grade fever and very exhausted, it is Blessing #2, she even took naps which she hasn't done in many a year.

I am preparing school work hopeful to begin next week depending upon weather...oh, the joyful freedoms of homeschool. Our weather has been quite cool getting down to a low of high 30's last night. The garden still looks good though. I may pick green beans today, we have quite a few. I may even be able to can a few quarts for winter.

May the Lord find us faithful.

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  1. shorter than ours! (in NH) Next spring you need to educate me on how/when to plant a garden because there isn't any fresh produce around here!! I'd love to come pick some beans with you...and share a nice cup of tea (unsweet for me!)

    How have you been feeling? Are your thyroid troubles behind you now?

    We're getting ready to start our school year on Monday, Lord willing. Although, we'll be starting it with a field trip. hehe Gotta love homeschooling!