Thursday, August 27, 2009

August so far

We gathered from our garden: green beans, snap peas, and some of the potatoes


August2009024.jpg picture by kaysmarmey


August2009020.jpg picture by kaysmarmey



August2009076.jpg picture by kaysmarmey




Our Baby Blessing learned to crawl

August2009022.jpg picture by kaysmarmey


August2009029.jpg picture by kaysmarmey


We went to the fair


I do not know these performers but I took this picture because this lady is wearing the Alaska state summer shoe wear choice of many. The Xtra tuff, only in Alaska and yes I own a pair!

August2009053.jpg picture by kaysmarmey


August2009055.jpg picture by kaysmarmey

This turkey was just walking around in the small animal barn. Not that that pig is small or anything.

August2009065.jpg picture by kaysmarmey

Watching some sort of equestrian event.

August2009068.jpg picture by kaysmarmey


We picked lowbush cranberries and a very few blueberries


August2009088.jpg picture by kaysmarmey

Returning home.

August2009094.jpg picture by kaysmarmey


We went to Creamer's Field for a nature walk with friends, the Candanian Geese and Sandhill Cranes were feeding furiously!! Look out lower 48 friends, they are coming!!!!!

August2009101.jpg picture by kaysmarmey


August2009105.jpg picture by kaysmarmey

I took this picture of these three handsome men outside of church last Sunday. The suit that Baby Blessing is wearing was Blessing #1's suit.  I love, love, love the face that Baby is making!


August2009121.jpg picture by kaysmarmey


Some mornings when we wake up there are birds feasting all over our yard. A snowshoe hair (we named him Peter) has been visiting the garden in the evenings, but he doesn't like his picture taken.

August2009124.jpg picture by kaysmarmey


The older blessings are enjoying the baby and yesterday while I was making all this

August2009135.jpg picture by kaysmarmey



they did this with the baby, obviously he doesn't mind, they even gave him some treasure.

August2009132.jpg picture by kaysmarmey

We are enjoying the last few days of no is the warmest and sunniest day we have had in a while. We took a walk before baby's afternoon nap and we visited the local beaver lodge, they have been busy, next time we will take the camera. And, I should have bought an all terrain stroller!

May the Lord find us faithful.


  1. I love your pictures... especially the little pirate... and your snap peas look just delicious.

  2. Those peas look so good! I remember shelling peas as a kid and having a green thumb afterward. I love the picture of the three guys. Baby looks so cute!