Thursday, May 7, 2015

Waiting Rooms

Today I am having an echocardiogram. Nothing is wrong, my doctor heard a heart murmur and she wanted a baseline for future reference. I keep trying to remember if she has heard this in the past. She had no notes of it in my record and neither of us could remember if she had heard it before.

So, I am waiting in the outpatient waiting room. The television is on. There is some daily "news" show on, I think a Today something show. Oh my. This is NOT news this is noise. Just saying.

You see all kinds in the hospital. I rarely go to the hospital and for that I am thankful. 

Echocardiograms are interesting and quite personal. You never know how these things go when you leave the tech because they do not tell you anything unless there is an emergency. They let me leave so no emergency. 

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  1. I HATE going to the doctor for fear they might find the worst, so I figure if I never go, I'm okay... I know, wrong thinking, but I've always had doctor-phobia. And I hate going too because of all the germs there. (sigh) I'm hopeless. I pray your tests turn out okay. I have a heart murmur (funny word when you think about it), I don't know, maybe I was born with it or maybe it developed as a child/teen from all my asthma stuff... my cousin has a heart murmur too that he probably was born with. He is 11 yrs. older than I and was always very athletic. The only bad thing with a heart murmur for him was that it kept him from qualifying for the olympic swim team when he was in college.