Saturday, May 30, 2015

My Story

This picture, taken on Thanksgiving Day 2014, was the breaking point for me.  When I saw this picture I knew that I had to do something to get this weight off, for good. I had tried exercising for seven months with little to no results.
On December 28, 2014 I ordered "the" book. Yes, I am talking about Trim Healthy Mama. I had read about THM here and there and just knew it was not for me, but I was wrong. I ordered my book and tracked it daily until it arrived on my doorstep. In the mean time I started reading all I could online and on Pinterest I created a secret THM board and pinned like crazy. When the book arrived, I read it quickly and was thankful for cold winter days to read. I think my book arrived on a Friday so I had the weekend to read as fast as I could. 

On January 5, 2015 I began my journey. I weighed and wrote my weight down, wrote it down people. I owned my weight. I also did some sort of weight calculator and faced the fact that I needed to lose about seventy-five pounds. Ouch! 

I started small and my goal was to have on-plan breakfasts that first week while I read more of the book and read parts for a second time. I even had spaghetti and pizza that week, yet I still lost weight.
I had an instant support group as two other friends were starting at the same time and a third joined a couple of weeks later. (We get together every month or so to chat, ask questions and try new recipes) I dropped six pounds in the first three weeks. Then I hit a wall and stayed the same and even had a couple of pounds come back but after those few up and down weeks I hit my stride with figuring out meal types, learning to love Good Girl Moonshine, finding a couple of on plan desserts and enjoying food without guilt.

Five months have now past and I am still enjoying this way of life. I do not feel as though I am missing out of anything because I can eat so many great things. Life pretty much has us eating all THM meals for dinner with off plan side offerings for the family members that choose to partake of such things. 

Judith has joined me and she has lost weight and makes excellent choices the majority of the time without feeling like she is restricted. When the time comes for pizza and other such foods when she is somewhere with friends she can eat the food available and then get back on plan next meal. She chooses this, she saw what was happening with me and she read the book and started making recipes from the book. She has introduced me to many great desserts and is quite the thm kitchen whiz. 
 Elisabeth is now interested and she jumps in when she can with our meals, so I would say she is at fifty percent on plan. Breakfast is her favorite on plan meal of the day.
What I love about THM is that it is not extreme, it seems like it at first, but once you are on plan it really does seem to come easier than the first month. My girls can do this and they are not wrecking their metabolism, starving themselves or setting bad habits. They are learning to live a healthy lifestyle and still enjoy food. That makes a Momma happy.

Here I am five months into my THM journey. I am about half way to the finish line for weight loss but I have also learned skills to maintain this weight loss when the goal has been met.

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  1. Excellent job!! I am at a stall. I know that I eat too many nuts and too much cheese. I need to try the drinks. I am hoping to reboot.