Monday, May 25, 2015

Why I Do Not Do Busy Crafts With My Children

Children, they are truly a blessing. They are full of energy and curious. I do not provide kid crafts for my crew, nor did I when the older ones were little ones (which was yesterday). I do not believe children enjoy being drug through useless crafts that serve no purpose other than to keep little ones busy.
What did I do? I provided raw materials like homemade play dough, paper, paint, markers, colored pencils, stickers, stalkers, cardboard boxes, etc. They had items to keep them busy but I did not do much telling them what to do. I allowed them to get bored. I also worked on crafts in front of them and when interested I showed them how to do what I was doing. I taught them crafts that had a purpose.
I am pretty sure it has worked out well. I have a wood worker in the making. My girls can knit and know basic crochet and have dabbled in pottery and jewlery making. As I speak one is looking online for items to make and sell because she wants to earn some money. Crafts for money making have a purpose.

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  1. Same here. My kids are never bored, at least around me. I put them to work if they say they are bored. They know that bordom is their own fault! And supplying them with all their raw materials lets their creativity flow! Good job.