Friday, May 15, 2015

Friday Rambles

Today is Friday, here I go...
  • We had an extra little guy at our house this week, I called the boys the "twins".
  •  I like having two littles around at the same time, they keep each other busy.
  • They go almost non stop all day long and they are loving being outside
  •  I am exhausted on this Friday evening and it is not because of the littles.
  • The week has been a good kind of busy.
  • I bought the next size smaller of pants, well, capris. 
  • I can finally wear something beside jeans.
  • I bought a cute knit skirt as well.
  • I am half way to my goal. Half way!!!
  • I did not get anyone to take my picture today because I slept in and the rest of the day was busy.
  • As soon as these kiddos go to bed I am going to my bed.
  • My big kiddos are at a friend's house for a bonfire.
  • My house is quiet.
  • The littles have been to two playgrounds, played outside at home, had s'mores and are now watching a movie.
  • I did not have s'mores. I do not like them.
  • Pre-THM I would already be laying on the couch by now. 
  • The little are camping in the fort that Levi built for them under the kitchen table. It may be an interesting evening. 
  • We shall see if they last in there all night.
  • This is all, happy Friday!! Alaskan daylight is longer each day and I am enjoying soaking up as much vitamin D as I possibly can.

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  1. Sounds great! I don't like smores either, too messy.