Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Rain, Rain and More Rain

Folks, we are soaked, literally soaked. The ground us saturated with water as we have had rainy day after rainy day. We have an occasional rain free or sunny day here and there very few and far between. The only upside is that there are no forest fires in the state so we aren't breathing smoke filled air. I am thankful for no smoke but wow this is one odd summer.
Today is the third Wednesday that baseball games have been rained out.
Last year by the end of June we had had twenty days with temps above eighty degrees. Not so much this year.
May I no longer see this picture when I look at my phone, how dreary is this?


  1. Have you seen the Chena River? I just about had a cow this morning.

  2. We've been having a lot of rain too. It's very odd for us too.