Friday, July 4, 2014

Baseball is My Family's Past Time

Baseball follows me when I fly. Guess which airports I have been through today?

I just happened to have a little more time in my second airport and the food near my gate didn't appeal to me. So, I took off in search of food and I saw a man and two children carrying Chick fil a bags and cups. I took off and had some Chick fil a for lunch!!! 

Hey, my Blessings play on the Twins team in our local league. 

Two more airports and two more flights. One more baseball town and I will be so glad to see Bluegrass.  
Tonight I will see one set of my parents:-):-), my forever friend, and meet my forever friends other bestie for the very first time ever. We are then off to spend a week putting a wedding together. I am looking forward to wedding week!


  1. Which Airport? I'm jealous with envy!

  2. Sounds like you are having fun! I hope you have a fabulous time with family and friends!

  3. Love Chick-fil-A! Glad you are having a good trip. I enjoyed all the photos you were tagged in on Facebook.