Friday, July 25, 2014

Day Two of the Mom of the Last Frontier Travels to the Lower Forty-eight

Kentucky Blue, it is everywhere in the Bluegrass state. This chair is extra special because Em is sittng in on this chair. Em is the granddaughter of my new friend, two of her grandkids and their sweet Mama were part of our traveling wedding caravan. Those two blessings are super kiddos, their Mama is super, too. 
Can their be a cuter child? I do not think so, perfect, she is perfect. 

My parents came up in the convertible and this is my epic fail at getting an usie of my Dad and I in the convertible. Crazy sun and hair, I couldn't see the screen. Oh well, I have proof of my craziness and wild hair.

And the horse parks, love all those white fences. This park was right behind our hotel and I cannot remember the name but it is actually a race track. 
Oh my Old Kentucky Home. 

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